featuring - adrian vega, andy pitts, christian alexander, davis mcdonald, josh zonker, alex fatemi, simon jensen, jordan gesko, logan hillenbrand, lui elliott & charles lamb


Rarely do people come into skateboarding and change the way that we view it, the way we think about it, how we go about doing it and how we personally feel about it. One could argue that everyone has their own favorites - but there are a few who are irrefutably so creative, prolific, influential and for lack of a better term awe-inspiring, that they changed the landscape of skateboarding forever. We're here to talk about these guys.

John Cardiel isn't only an example of an extraordinary skateboarder, but an extraordinary human being. He bridged the gap between skating transition and street - and brought his one-of-a-kind style to the table when many others were struggling to find theirs. John is one of the most positive, enthusiastic and selfless people to ever step foot on a board. He goes 110% all the time - isn't afraid of anything and is essentially the honorary team captain of everyones favorite board brand - Anti Hero. With a squad like that backing you, it's hard to lose.

Mark Gonzales is your favorite skaters favorite skater. If you asked Cardiel who is biggest influences were - we'd be willing to bet that Gonz is on that list. He revolutionized street skating as we know it today. He brought something to the table that nobody else had. He quirkiness and creativity set his skating apart from everybody else extremely quickly, and cemented his status as one of the most influential skateboarders of all time. 

But, why? Why are these guys 'The Enlightened Ones'? Why are these the two that stand out so noticeably from everyone else - there are a ton of people who are influential and deserve to be mentioned. On a rainy Sunday in our headquarters in San Francisco, we came to the realization as to why this is. 

John & Mark seem to have a deeper understanding of skateboarding & life. Whenever you watch interviews with either of these guys, they seem to be able to explain things and put feelings into words better than anyone has ever been able to. They can describe the feeling of doing something on a skateboard so accurately that the sound of their voice gets you psyched to go skate. Not to mention the fact that neither of these guys even have to skate in a video to get thousands upon thousands of views - they can simply talk in front of a camera for a few minutes and you can watch the viewership of that channel spike so drastically it'll make your head spin. People hold insane value in what they have to say - because they know that they completely understand it. They just get it. I've been skating for over 10 years - and I still don't fully get it & I have no problem admitting that. But listening to these guys talk about it makes me feel like maybe one day I might be able to. 

There's one more thing, also. It's 2016 - skateboarding is more popular than baseball. More people are skateboarding now than ever, and everyone wants to be original. Everyone is into what their into, everyone likes watching who they like to watch, and everyones opinions differ on just about everything. But if you asked a real skater - someone who really knows and cares about skateboarding to name a few of their favorite skaters...chances are one (or both) of these dudes names would be among the first out of their mouth. Real recognize real. No matter how many times you've seen Sight Unseen or Video Days - chances are you're going to go back and watch them again. The next time you do, we hope you remember why.

bean bag

‘bean bag’ – full clip.

featuring - scott o'rourke, mike kp, harry hafner, ben wallis, miles marquez, adam becerra, anthony aguirre, logan hillenbrand, kurt haubenstein, alex 'tonz' wolslagel, christian alexander, charles lamb, alex o'donahoe, max garson, zech stewart, aymane dahou, alex fatemi, yaje popson, zach bonime, chris robles, adrian vega, christian miller.

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Filmed by - Colton Elrod

Featuring - Harry Hafner / Alex ODonahoe / Stephen Knight / Christian Aguirre / Damon Thorley / Reed Goodman / Christian Alexander / Ben Drollinger / Christian Miller

A Year of Independent Videos 2015



Like our friends at Quartersnacks, we're sick of hearing this statement. Of course full length videos still matter, and they always will. Once you grow accustomed to viewing skateboarding in a particular manner, and then are bombarded with constant opportunities to view it in an entirely different manner, your ability to digest it properly becomes skewed. And so begins the full length vs web clip debate. 

It is what it is. Watch what you like, watch what makes you happy and psyched to go skate. Watch everything you can find on the internet, or don't. Here is a short list of some of our favorite independent full length films from this year.

Undertow VHS, shot entirely on a Panasonic vhs camera by Alex Wolslagel, features some of your favorite skaters from the San Francisco Bay Area. With a long list of friends and familiar faces + an extremely nostalgic vibe, this one is sure to be on repeat for a while. 

With Canada trending heavily this year, Squad Massage is a proper display of the wide array of talents and styles that hail from the north that we so often forget. It helps that Dusty has a full part :)

Local Express by John Valenti is a pleasure to watch because of the amount of trips that John took to put this video together. Add in the fact that it features parts from Dave Caddo, Ben Gore, Yonnie Cruz, Brendan Carroll, Brian Downey, 80's Joe :) , Fred Gall and Al Davis all in one place - you've got our attention. 

Bet you didn't see this coming. 8:00AM is a visual representation of a year of skating with new friends in San Francisco. We hope you enjoy watching it half as much as we enjoyed making it. 

One of the crews that is responsible for the peak resurgence of interest in New York City skateboarding this year is also responsible for bringing us Sure. John Wilson and crew made the switch to HD and ran with it this year, and it's been a pleasure to watch. 

It's hard to describe the joy that this video brings when you watch it. Mostly comprised of iPhone footage, Boys of Summer is the modern day Chomp On This. All of your favorite skaters are in it, and they're all having fun. Also, possibly the best #musicsupervision ever. 

Bronze filmer + vx master Paul Young #blessed us with Bleach on Christmas Day this year. Heavy parts from some of the East Coast's finest and a great soundtrack have made this a viable option for pre-skate motivation in the last week. 

#anotherone from the LurkNYC camp that doesn't disappoint. Cee-Lo features a bunch of new faces with the always classic LurkNYC touch that makes you want to drop everything you're doing immediately and go skate. Aside from the amazing skating / music, we've decided he might be the #bestvxfilmerever after this one. PS - Adam's part :)


1. The 8:00AM premiere at 111 Minna Gallery.

2. 4th & Army becomes an actual skate spot. (see also Worst 5 Moments)

3. The inevitable happened

4. The Black Rock Buildings at 1st & Howard got new, more lenient security. 

5. We've been skating DMV less.



1. Someone didn't get the memo  check out a nice ABD (cc: Adrian Vega) at :20

2. 4th & Army becomes an actual skate spot.

3. We're experiencing the coldest winter in recent memory.

4. We lost China Banks.

5. Tonz moved to Florida & Adam moved to NYC :(


Thanks for reading this year. Hope everybody has a great night tonight, please be safe. We'll see you on 16th Street. We'll be back early next year with #anotherone :) 



Abstract Habit Co. Holiday Clothing/Skateboard Drive & Skate Jam

Our good friend Cameron Eichenbaum is bringing skateboarders together to help the youth of Oakland this Holiday Season for the 1st Annual Abstract Habit Co. Clothing/Skateboard Drive, and they are asking the Bay Area skateboarding community to donate to those who are in need. Skate product/clothing in good condition can be donated at FTCSF on Haight Street, 510 Skateboarding in Berkeley, or DLX Skateshop on Market Street. All of the donations will be given away on December 23rd during the skate jam at the East Oakland Skate Plaza. 


FILMED BY - Colton Elrod

FEATURING - Adam Becerra / Adrian Vega / Spencer Crimin / Andrew Kim / Andy Pitts / Anthony Aguirre / Brandon Bristol / Charles Lamb / Kurt Haubenstein / Nick Carracino / Christian Alexander / Christian Miller / Logan Hillenbrand / Scott O'Rourke / Mike Kilkenny-Patrick


via @girlskateboards

via @girlskateboards

Everyone's worst fear has been confirmed, and the Slap Forums go wild. Is the idea of Nike Skateboards really that bad

SOTY is approaching, and it seems as though everyone is trying to get their last minute footage out in time for the people to see before they have had time to cast a vote that in reality holds no weight whatsoever. Meanwhile, underdog contender Brandon Biebel is still stacking footage for the first ever IG based full length video. Heard Ishod's part in PH2 is 6+ minutes long :)

Increased marketshare, yo.

As we all know, Europe was trending heavily this year & everyone's favorite apparel based team just released a 17 minute tour video of their all star squad having #fun and wrecking the most desirable skate spots known to North Americans. Tour videos aren't usually high on our things-to-watch list, but we make exceptions for these guys

The Quartersnacks squad recently took a break from skating crusty ledges and bump-to-bars to explore every street skaters worst nightmare; transition. On the "Transitions Facilities Tour", they visited New Englands concrete built, transition based skateparks and spoke with the people who fought and helped to get them built. Read about it here: Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3

Nike SB just released Daryl Angel & Justin Brock's extra footage from Chronicles Vol. 2. Speaking of Justin Brock, he has a new interview with Jenkem Magazine where he discusses growing up in The South, his family and that one time he overdosed on Mountain Dew (which is not even a plug....he isn't on the team). 

Two guys who are known for being "hard to work with" talk about each other.

Back to the SOTY thing - How this guy didn't catch one of the twenty-five nominations is beyond me. Smh Thrasher. Maybe they should hire @dgkalis as a consultant

How to stretch two tricks and the most ill-received welcome to the team announcement in recent memory into 1:18 . Both tricks were bangin' tho, get that $$$ my dude.

We go #anotherone cookin'

Hope everyone had as good of a Thanksgiving as Ben did





Featuring - Adrian Vega / Alex Fatemi / Zech Stewart / Alex "Tonz" Wolslagel / Adam Becerra & many more

Filmed / Edited by Colton Elrod


One of 2015's favorite sons and strong contender for this years SOTY honors, Gilbert Crockett, followed up his two song Vans 'Propeller' part (respectively accompanied with extensive raw footage shortly thereafter) last night with a new part via Quasi Skateboards and Thrasher, watch it here.  After absorbing the incredible showing of style, extreme pop and out-of-this-world board control, one can speculate that Gilbert Crockett not only deserves SOTY this year, but should be given the honors on principle for managing to get up that curb after nonchalantly kickflipping straight over a jersey barrier. Spot / trick selection #on #fleek. "It's like he's got some sort of exoskeleton spring like system under those things" - Reed Goodman referring to Gilbert's signature khakis.

Last Sunday night, Real Skateboards put out a new film titled 'Through and Through'. Mostly highlighting amatuers Jack Olson & Robbie Brockel with montage appearances from the rest of the crew, the video doesn't disappoint and is exactly what you would expect from Deluxe's long-time front runner. You can watch the video here, and you should also check out your favorite photographers collection of photos from the course of filming the video. 

#Trendwatch2015 suggests that skating in the rain could be the next big thing. The obvious question here is will you rip through the Gore-Tex & Scotchgard treated uppers after flicking too many banging tre flips? I bet Sean Young looks back and wishes he was wearing a pair of these

Rumor has it that there is something going on with Crailtap and its affiliated subsidiaries. While this could be mere speculation & hearsay, the thought of such is still a bit saddening for those who grew up in the era of Girl / Chocolate domination and Ty Evans pre Blockbuster esque, energy drink fueled films. 

5Boro's new video will surely be a delight to East Coast heads and Jordan Trahan fans alike. 'Join or Die' is still on repeat.

Anti-Hero affiliates and stocking enthusiasts, Our Life Socks, just released a new full length video appropriately titled "The Our Life Video". The same crew that brought you "The House Vid" is back with another insane display of transition & street skating, along with the usual degeneracy that seems to follow this crowd around. 

Our friends over at Hit You Off Management appear to be wrapping up their new video "Bleach", which is set to be premiered in November in New York. You can watch the teasers for it here & here

Ishod Wair has a good interview up on Chromeball.

John Mehring just released his new book titled "Skate The World", a collection of photos taken by Mehring and many others on their skateboarding tours abroad, published by National Geographic (crazy, right?). Read the intervew here and buy the book here. PS- Foreward by Tony Hawk. 

In case you missed it there is 19 minutes of leftover footage from '8:00AM' on YouTube. We heard they might even be putting the full video online soon..





Filmed by - Colton Elrod
Additional filming - Christian Alexander

In Order of Appearance-

Alex "Tonz" Wolslagel / Alex Fatemi / Zech Stewart / Andy Pitts / August Johansen / Ben Drollinger / Brett Reed / Christian Alexander / David Gimeno / DonCarlo Barone / Joe Caverly / Trevor Diehl / Michael Antonio / Dustin Henry / Justin Ching / Elliot Easom / Joe Staley / Graig Anderson / Logan Hillenbrand / Reed Goodman / Stephen Morrison / Adam Becerra / Adrian Vega


Through years of research, field-testing, and practical application, we have formulated a theory that many have contemplated to themselves but perhaps none have dared to speak on. Look cool, feel cool, skate cool™ is simply that. The theory that if one is at ease with their physical appearance and attire, it will show in their attitude, and thus show on the board. 

To some - looking the part (or not) can make or break your session. Why do you think we as skateboarders have so many options for shoes to wear? For the most part, they are constructed of the same materials, in the same silhouettes, in the same colors, and most of them even look similar to the next brands counterpart. We touched on this subject while discussing Austyn Gillette's new Huf shoe a few months ago. The fact that the DC Lynx may be the best skate shoe ever does not equate directly to sales. "You could never run those with Dickies, yo". 

Max Schaaf, arguably one of the coolest vert skateboarders ever, briefly discusses his opinion on this topic while going over his Vans pro model shoe here. We've compiled a few photos below of some guys who looked cool, felt cool and therefore skated cool and whose #kits were so #on #point that it propelled their confidence and ultimately their careers to heights that they could have only imagined - influencing entire generations of young fashionistos-to-be along the way.

Obviously, these photos are in no particular order, and are taken from a few different eras in skateboarding - but you get the point. The Look / Feel / Skate #Cool™ theory has consistently proven itself throughout skateboarding history and continues to evolve to this day. It does not favor one look or style, and it does not discriminate against new ones. All it really comes down to is you being comfortable with yourself. After all, how many people have told you that one of the keys to skateboarding is self-confidence? 

Is there a direct correlation between personal style & style on a skateboard? Was there ever a point in time where Polo was irrelevant? Will size 38 pants ever make a comeback? Does anyone actually wear DC's anymore?  Will high fashion brands continue to #bite our style

P.S. - we have a few more "8:00AM" dvd's left in our web store, you should probably grab one before they're gone forever :)


"8:00AM" DVD's + zines available for sale now. Total run time is 26 minutes. Each DVD comes with a 36 page photo zine shot by Bram de Martelaere over the course of the last year filming for the video.

Featuring parts from Adrian Vega, Alex Fatemi, Zech Stewart, Alex "Tonz" Wolslagel, and Adam Becerra + many more. Filmed / edited by Colton Elrod.

Buy the video via our webstore here


Image via @henry_jones

Image via @henry_jones

If you're between the ages of 22-30, then we're talking directly to you. Maybe you've already been through it, or maybe you haven't. At some point soon, you are going to ask yourself "What the fuck am I doing with my life?". Before we get into details, you need to understand that quarter life crisis' are completely normal, and even healthy by some standards. But, being a skateboarder going through one is completely different than Joe Blow being worried about getting a 'C' on his mid term at UC whatever-the-fuck. 

Here are 5 tell-tale signs that you are a skateboarder going through a quarter life crisis-

1. You're skating less frequently. Maybe it's all the injuries you've acquired over the years finally catching up to you. Or perhaps the hangovers are finally actually starting to hit (and they're hitting hard). Skating everyday has become but a romantic idea as your youth fades, and you are faced with the harsh reality of either changing your ways or accepting your fate.

2. You've become less interested in consuming every piece of media that is presented to you. Gone are the days of watching every single video on Thrasher or HellaClips in one sitting. Every day a gang of new montages, parts, trailers, and games of S.K.A.T.E (for whatever reason) are uploaded to the internet, and you couldn't give a shit less about 90% of them. Your mind has become fried by years of over stimulation. Fifteen year old you is disappointed & has a serious case of FOMO.

3. You over analyze everything. We actually mean everything. The tricks you do, how often you do them. How do they look? Your shoes. Do they look good? Do too many people wear these?  Is this spot played out? Who did what here? Did that look okay? 

4. When you do skate, you're having full blown meltdowns. It happens to everyone. Maybe you can't do one of your go-to's, or you feel like you can't warm up like you need to. Maybe there's too many people at the spot and you're getting bugged out. The thought of going to a skatepark makes you cringe. Freaking out is sometimes inevitable, but when it happening more often than not it could be a sign. 

5. For the first time in a long time, you've become invested in things other than skating. As farfetched as this may sound to some of you on the younger side of this 'age bracket', it is very definitely possible. Maybe you've got a really good, demanding job (highly unlikely for most of you) and you just can't find the time to skate. Maybe you have a family or a kid, or maybe you shoot photos or are finally putting that art degree to use. 

If you are experiencing any of these signs above, you may be going through a tough time and not know what to do. It's contradictory in that you love something so much, and at the same time feel overwhelming despair because you're losing sight of why you fell in love with it. Regardless of how bleak things can seem at times, it helps to think that at some point or another, some of your favorite skateboarders may have felt the same resentment and frustration. Go back to the beginning, do what feels right. Try not to over do it. And for fucks sake, have some fun.